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I just finished posting about a set of stairs I made for Baby, and with people's replies the wheels started to turn.

I was looking on ebay, and looking at the amount people are paying for ramps, and I think that with relative ease for something to do on my summer vacation (which starts very soon! :D) I could make ramps, not just like the ones they have there on eBay, where some are nice others are lacking and if they're nice they cost well over $100! I have some really good ideas on how I could make a really nice ramp.

I'm thinking I could make a set that would be very compact for moving them back and forth and most of all low shipping costs. It could also be so that it folds out to make it a nice size without being too steep for them to walk up and down. I've got some really great ideas...

If I did make these and sold them for a much lower price then what I have seen as the 'going rate', would anybody be interested? Making 1 or 2 wouldn't be worth it as it would take too long, but if I had several people who wanted some then I could see it being worth while.

If you're serious about wanting a set, then let me know, I'd also be willing to take ideas from people as to what they think would be best for them.

If you just think you might be interested feel free to say, I will not hold anybody at this point to anything.

Let me know,
- Jeff

I would ship to anywhere and charge actual shipping costs, that's why I mentioned I would be so interested in producing a set that is very compact and lightweight.
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