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Raw bones for treats

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I'm feeding my baby (almost 8 weeks old so very young) raw and have been told that finding a butcher that will cut up femur bones into small slices would be a great treat for her. I called a local butcher and he said that the leg bones would be too hard and he would worry that a large piece may break off and she could choke on it. He suggested some rib bones that he could cut up for me because those are softer. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this?
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Listen to your butcher, he's a man who knows what he's talking about & ignore the goose who talks about cutting up very, very dense bone for Chis', sheesh!!!! If dogs don't choke on bits coming off, the can and usually do snap bits of teeth off instead.

You want to give bone that is soft ie lamb ribs, baby beef ribs, chicken carcasses, chicken necks and wings. If pup is too small to chew through them, give them a bit of a bashing with a hammer, but ONLY SOFT BONES, nothing with density to it.
Thanks for the advice! Do you think I should just wait to give her this kind of stuff until she is older? She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.
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