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My girls have been on raw for exactly a year today, so I thought I would give an update on the two of them, to show how much of a difference it has made to both my dogs and their health.

Pippi, A year ago -

  • Pippi has had severe allergies since I got her to all types of grain, processed lamb, and goodness knows how many other things which are found in even the best quality kibbles.
  • All of these things cause awful hot spots, along with digestive issues (diarrhoea, constipation, and anal glands not emptying without assistance).
  • Her coat was course and terrier-like, and dull.
  • Her teeth were yellow and generally in poor condition.
  • She was on various medications and creams to control the allergies and hot spots.
  • Her energy levels were a low-average for a 5 year old dog.
  • She was diagnosed with LP and her knees were coming out on average every other week

Pippi, Today -

  • Pippi's allergies are pretty much gone. She hasnt had any skin or digestive problems whatsoever since switching her over.
  • Her glands have only needed to be manually expressed a couple of times since switching and that was due to my own error (too many boneless meals in one go) when we'd first switched.
  • Her coat is extremely soft, nothing like how it as before. It is shiny and soft and just lovely, not terrier-like at all anymore, more like a chi's coat.
  • Her teeth are almost totally white. She has a small amount of tartar around her canines which we are working on but that is all, rather than all her teeth being very yellow.
  • She is no longer taking the medications as thehealth issues they were supposed to be fixing no longer exist in the dog!
  • Her energy levels are far higher than they were, and much higher than expected for her age. She is playing a lot more.
  • And on top of all of this, her knees are far better! She has had one case of her patellas slipping out in the past year, and the vet has agreed surgery is no longer something needed in her near future!

Maisie as switched over at about 8 months old. She is in perfect condition, her teeth are perfectly white and her coat is amazingly soft. Before raw she was in good condition, but since the switch she just shines, her teeth are far whiter than other dogs her age, and she has little to no tear staining.

The girls are in such excellent health and in perfect condition - I am so glad I switched my girls over to the right diet for their species. And I only have one regret.... That I didnt start feeding raw sooner!!!

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Way to go:hello1::hello1::hello1: we've been raw 12 years & it is so worth it! I am really expanding my variety of raw meats since adding 4 Chi's to the family 8 months ago & my 12 year old border collie really appreciates it!;)

Oh, and by the way, she has only had her teeth cleaned 1 time in 12 years & that was just last year! The vets are always amazed:)
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