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Hi there, I was just wondering about raw for my new chi puppy :)!

I have experience with feeding raw to my crazy strong GSD (beautiful white teeth, bone crunching goodness, lean and muscular). So I thought I would do the same with this 3 month old pup.

From the breeder, he was eating 1/4th portion of cesar wet food, and perhaps 1/3 cup royal canin. I switched him off to Oven-Baked tradition, but after reading about all the horrible teeth problems with dogs, I thought, raw would be great!

For the sake of using up the food and cutting out the third meal, I've been doing 1/2 portion of cesar wet food in the mornings, a few kibble for training sessions in the afternoon, and a raw chicken/bones for dinner, then a few kibble before bed. I've tried to do larger meals but ended up with the pup dry heaving all night from acid reflux.

It might be just me but I've noticed that his belly is fuller now and he doesnt seem as 'frail' as his 1.6lb body was just a week ago. His appetite is also much better and he seems to be ALWAYS hungry...But I'm afraid I might be feeding him too much...?

Is it possible to overfeed puppies that they will be overweight? I really want to get him off to a good start, not an obese start.

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