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My tiny fluffball minions will eet joo >E

They're all Chihuahuas..obviously..and long haired..duh.

Pepi, the pimp, is the blue one.

Lillie, the camera-shy one is the orange one.

and Bindii's the fawn/black one with the mohawk.

Club meeting ;D No peoples allowed.

Something testy fell out of the plastic bag they pulled out of the bin.

I sat up on the chair taunting them with food. Mwahah. You can so tell who's the greedy one.


Lillie again.


Lillie found something again, and they all chased her for it.

I like teasing my dogs with food they can't eat >D And yes, that is grass in Pepi's chest fur xD

Attempting to scab dropped food while my mummeh made dinner.

Lillie thinks she can run away from the camera.

Haha, Lillie, haha. I stalk you.

Pepi <3

Leave the cat alone, you bully.

See what I mean about a mohawk? Bindz' a mini rocker.

Perfection, see?

Bindii with plastic thing, playing with Pepi.

Look at the size of Pepi - compared to my cat. Whooa.

Sitting at the door, inspecting his terratory c:

omg. Is there anything more amazing then this angel-crafted creature sleeping?

I'm not spoiled. I just get to sleep in every day in my mum's bed, under her blanket and on her pillow. x]

Lol, I know there were alot. But you love it <3

Ignore the dates, they're messed up.
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