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Hi, I posted a while back and then had computer problems. We have gotten a new computer since then. I am Jensmom, mommy to a 4 y.o. black chihuahua with tan markings. We are from Memphis, Tn. Today, June 1st is Jenny's 4th birthday. We found out about a month ago that a friend with a female chi that looks just like Jenny had bred her with a friend's male. The male is adorable too, he has the coloring of Lily who I have seen on here. It took alot of convincing to get my husband to agree to let me have another one. The babies were due also on June 1st. I told him that it was just meant to be, especially if they share a birthday. Well I've been calling our friend everyday to check on Bonita (the mommy dog). Two of the puppies were already sold to an older woman who wants two siblings, male or female. We want a girl but a boy would be ok, although I've never had a male dog. I am so worried, I just called and talked to my friends MIL. She said the first puppy was coming out feet first and she took her to the vet. They could not save that one (a baby girl). She said two more have been born at the vet boy & girl. She has not heard if there are anymore coming or not. I am so sad for the baby that didn't make it. I am also worried that if there are not anymore that I won't get one. I know that there are other puppies out there but I just feel that this is meant to be. I would love for Jenny to share a birthday with a little brother or sister. I hope that if there are only two that the other lady would consider letting us have one and she have one. Sorry this is so long, I am just so worried about these puppies and want one so bad. It is driving me crazy until I hear back from them. I don't even know if the mother and babies are ok or not. Please say a little prayer for them.

Christy (Jensmom)
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