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RE: Katrina relief for animals?

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RE: Katrina relief for animals?

Has anyone heard of anything going on for food drives, or donation centers/charitys for Hurricane Katrina ANIMAL victims. Ive been shuddering for days at the thought of all those poor animals people went off and left alone. If so , please let me know, I need to do something, aside form getting in the car and driving down there ( which was my first reaction)'d cost me an arm AND a leg on gas prices to get there :roll: .
Any charity or org. BESIDES PETA. Thanks ladies( and gents).
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probably a stupid question ...but why not PETA ?? :wave:

kisses nat
My guess would be that PETA is a real left wing kind of activist group. Although they do some good for animals, their fundamentals and beliefs are often mistakenly schewed.
like they are too harsh in making their believes worldwide ?

kisses nat
I think as much as PETA supports shelters, spay and neuter and good pet ownership, they focus more on the abuse and inhumane issues than they do emergency aid and that sort of thing. Since they're not a rescue organization and probably just leave things up to the Red Cross and animal rescues.

Plus, people who think PETA goes a bit too far probably wouldn't be willing to give them money if they thought it might go towards stopping a slaughterhouse than the animals in need during an emergency. I know that before I knew much about PETA, I just assumed they were crazy people that wanted everyone in the world to become vegans. I have since learned that they would like that but they also have other concerns. But that's the mindset of a lot of people that just don't know what they're up to. Bad press and whatnot.

Edit: Oh ... and thanks for the listing!
i was reading the paper today and on the front it has pics of people wading through the water to get out and they are carryingthere chihuahuas it really tugged on the heart strings
I dont agree with alot of PETAS for reasons stated above by the others, my main reason is because if diehard PETA members had their way, NO ONE WOULD OWN PETS! they think it is wrong to even own them. They are WAY too radical for me, and I would kill someone for hurting an animal infront of me. I think my money for animal charitys is WAY better spent feeding and vet care.
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