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Reba update pics with her big dog friend

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Reba is such a joy- our Rhodesian Ridgeback x Lab loves her too. Thought y'all might like to see them. Reba is now about 3-1/2 months, closing in on 3 lbs and so much fun!
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OMG! That 2nd picture is so adorable. Maybe the cutest ever!!! :D
I am just blown away by that 2nd pic. :shock:
Incredibly precious. That is where calendars and posters come from. :)
Who ever looks at those pics and doesn't have a big smile on their face that says "awwwwww" would be crazy :D :D :D :D . That 2nd pic is priceless!! she's sooo gorgeous! :wink:
SC said:
OMG! That 2nd picture is so adorable. Maybe the cutest ever!!! :D

I agree!! Has to be the cutest ever!! :D
what a match

aaw that's so sweet.....they match well together!! :wink:

kisses nat
That picture is so adorable that I set it as my background. Do I need to pay you royalties? :D
:D I'm glad you guys liked them so much... I had already been encouraged to enter the 2nd pic in some photo contests, which I have done with the response I got here. It's my computer wallpaper as well. They're so cute together- Nikita is a special dog to play with her little chi, Reba, the way she does.
These pictures are soooo cute!
The second one is so romantic! :D :love8:
It is seriously the cutest picture I have ever seen! I would enter that pic in every contest you know of. Someone may even buy it from you for a calandar or something! :)
awwww, they are so cute! Reba is so tiny next to the big dog! She is beautiful!!!!
I love those pictures, especially the second one. Reba is such a pretty girl anyway. I'm so glad you entered that picture in some contests.
:shock: I have to say "I'm just speechless"!!!!! To cute to put into words. :D

That second pic is just fabulous!!! You will definetely win some contests with that. My Mia loves to play with my older dog, Zadie. She is a Golden Ret. and she is so gentle with Mia. It is so cute to watch. Here is pic of them together.
That 2nd. picture could definitly win a contest!!!! It is the most sweetest dog picture I have ever seen!!! Great shot!
reba is just too cute and I was going to say the pic is so great that you should enter a lot of contest but i guess you have. it is a definite winner :lol:
OMG, OMG, those are the cutest pics I've ever seen, especially that 2nd on!. It's a winner in any contest you can think of entering. Oh man, I am just knocked out by those pics! :) :) :) :) :) :)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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