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Reba's checkup

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Reba has doubled her weight since we got her and after her Parvo fight. She weighed a whopping 2 lbs. 2 oz. today when we took her in to get her puppy booster vaccinations. :) She's about 12-13 weeks- I have to contact the breeder and get her birthdate straight. I think she is headed to be about 4 lbs as an adult. She is so much fun!
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I am so glad the worst is over for you and now you can finally enjoy her!
I am so glad she is doing so well. What a scary thing :D
That is good to hear, I'm so glad she beat the parvo! :wink:
Wow, that's GREAT news!! :D Way to go Reba! :wave:
That's great news. My boy, Tucker, had Parvo at about 6 weeks old when he weighed only 1.2 pounds! So glad that both our puppies made it! :)
That makes me so happy to hear that she overcame it!!!!!!! :D
I'm happy for you and Reba.. Now you can start hhaving fun with her. :)
I am so happy for you that you are through the worst....I hope she continues to get stronger! :D
Way to go Reba!

Now you can spoil her properly.
Post some updated pics when you can. We would love to watch her grow!
Great News!!!!!!! glad all is well with her...she is a survivor!! :D
yay!!! im so glad she pulled through and is doing so well! :cheers: :cheers:
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