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Reccomend a pee pad brand and holder or tray

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I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a pee pad brand and also a tray. Im hoping for the pee pads to be a brand I can buy locally somewhere like walmart, kmart, or tractorsupply. We do have a petsmart but its over an hour away. I like the brand we got, but they have to be ordered online.

Also, I would like to get a pee pad tray for them. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one for a chihuahua.
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I use the pee pads from Walmart.....hang on a sec I'll go look at their name.........OK, it's OUT! Moisture Lock Training Pads. They're a little thicker and more absorbent than any others I've used, but cost the same or less.

Personally I've never had success with any of the holders for the pads. Not because they don't hold the pads, but because I couldn't get my dogs past their suspicion of the holders :) They would hardly even set food on the various ones I tried, and if they won't get on them, they're not much use, huh?

The pee pads are on hardwood flooring so they tend to slip around. I put a towel under them and that keeps them in place. Sometimes I use a couple tiny pieces of double sided tape and that works well too.
i use the washable pee pads. they are wonderful!! i highly recommend them. the ones i got are called Pooch Pads. they are expensive but there are cheaper brands out there. i didnt discover them until Minnie and Tootise were around 6 months old. i wish i would of known about them sooner. Minnie and Tootsie use to love to shred there pee pads up when they were pups. but as soon as i used the washable kind . things got alot easier.
i got some other washable pee pads as a gift from someone , they are alot less expensive than the pooch pads. if you are interested , i can look up the company. you order them online, and delivery doesnt take long at all .
Yes, please!
Hey Karen, I have a question about this:

I use washable hospital bed or chair pads. I get them here:
Washable Chair Pads
The first picture shows bed pads/chair pads, and the next chair pads. They both measure 17 x 24, and yet the second product is 1/2 the price ($3.95) of the first one.($7.00) Do you happen to know why? I just can't see any differences that would make the one so much cheaper.
The instructions that came with my washable pee pads suggested one half cup of bleach. I've since begun using other washable pads than the ones I originally purchased, and they didn't come with washing instructions. But I continue to use the bleach and there has been no problem washing them that way.

Honestly, I'd use bleach no matter what the instructions said. I want those suckers STERILE! Plus I like that the bleach will help kill any germs left in the washer as a result of washing pee-ridden pads in there.
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