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Hello this is my first time on this forum so I apologize if someone else has already asked this question-

I have a 1.5 year old female blue chihuahua (Gabbi) and a 6 month old female fawn chihuahua (Maddi). Gabbi has had both reverse sneezing and regular sneezing fits but what concerns me is the sneezing fits. She will start sneezing and then sneeze about 10 times. Her heart rate increases and Maddi jumps on top of her. So I assume she gets stressed out because of Maddi. She has looked very tired all the time and is always trying to lay down or hide. She looks like she has aged very quickly over the past month or so. I took her to the vet twice, the first time the vet said that her airways werent constricted and when it didnt stop I took her back. The doctor put her on an antihistamine and a antibiotic which she is done with and it is still happening. Also, when Maddi came in from Ohio (she was shipped) as few months ago she brought flees so they both take Advantix and for heartworm, Interceptor but the timing doesnt fit for the sneezing- Anyway- wow lots of info. If anyone has ideas or suggestions please advise me. I greatly appreciate all of your help.

Sarah :(
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