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For years I have wanted a dog but didn't want to do the training and cleaning etc. The other day I searched the classified for a Boston Terrier. After a while I found myself on a site of an organization that rescues dogs from Mexico, USA, etc. After looking at 5 chi chi's and taking them to walks I will be adopting a 18 month old male dog named Cody. He is light brown in color, like many others.

So here are a few questions that may be someone can help me with.

He has been crated and house trained at the foster's home. He has been there for just over a week! When he gets to my place I would probably introduce him to the new crate, and also a confined area. I have a 'bar' that has a baby gate but I am not sure if he can jump over. Gate is hmm may be a foot and half hgh? The area is tiled and I plan to put the crate and food dish in there as well.

I have a walk out basement that goes to the yard, and a balcony from my living room. Is it better to just have one place where he can go out and do his business? The foster said he is learning to use the bell. Not sure if I should have 2 doors and 2 bells.

He can be crated during the day for 10 hours (said the foster) and sleep on people bed at night. I am still deciding if he should go to his crate or my bed. The first couple nights I would think the confined area with crate door open is best. If no mess then he can start sleeping in bed. I do wonder about shedding though.

In terms of feeding in the morning I will let him out, feed, and let him out again before going to work. After work I would do the same routine, and then go for walk and play in house etc.

I will probably have a lot more questions after I take him in. 48+ hours from now the foster parent will drop him off!
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