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Ok, I know I am crazy for already taking on a rescue but I had to I met this little girl tonight at the shelter. She was a owner turn in her owners female beagle bred with her cocker spaniel and had 5 puppies. She did not want the puppies and tried to sell them for a high price as a cockabeg I was sickened by this. She told me to put the puppies to sleep if need be. I told her we didn't put healthy puppies to sleep or healthy dogs only need be put to sleeps where done at our shelter. She brought the puppies in and clark the shelter helper took them and put them in back for the night. Before I left the shelter I went back to see them and she was sitting in frount of the cage just staring at me and it was love at frist sight. I took her home with me :lol: and I am adopting her tomorrow I am so inlove with her she has caught my heart she looks like a little beagle she is chocolate with brown markings she is a doll. She is very healthy me and amoncio have been having a time playing with her she is so full of life and I promised her I would make sure her brothers and sisters got as good of a home as she did. Baby is ok with her but keeps her distance baby did let her eat from her bowl and play with her fav toy so I was pleased about that. She is having alot of messes but what can you expect from a puppy who has been kept outside in a kennel all its puppy days? She will learn in time I named her Sasha I was gonna get pictures tonight but she is sleepy so I will have some frist thing tomorrow!!

(I couldn't wait she got up to follow baby so I grabbed her up to take some pictures these pictures don't do her justice believe me.)
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You are a wonderful person for taking this puppy home with you...

I am glad your mom is going to give another one a home.

They are the cutest little pups.... I hope you and baby the best with your new member of the family...
SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!! Hurray!!!! :D :D :D post pics as she and Baby become good friends!(I'm sure they will)
It's unbelievable some people can thing of puppies as disposable. I am so glad you gave this adorable baby a good home and even happier your mom is taking one too. Those other babies will be very lucky to find as good a home but I hope they do :D
Aww, she's so pretty! I'm so happy you gave her a loving home!! :D
Another sad story---but a great Happy ending!! :D She is just so sweet.
If I worked in a shelter, it would be so hard not to bring every puppy home!!
She is sooo cute! No wonder you couldn't resist those eyes and droopy little ears!

That woman should have all her pets taken away. I hate people like that. And she had some nerve to come back and demand money!

It is so great your mom is adopting one too! Then the two sisters or a brother and a sister will always be able to visit each other! Can you take pictures of all the puppies? or the one your mom ends up deciding on?

Go rescueing!!
My moms frist adoption ever! She adopted sashas sister she is white with tanish choclate markings she named her Muffin :D I may be able to get pictures of all of them but I will deff get pictures of Muffin.
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