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Reverse coughing too often

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My four month old pup seems to be reverse coughing a lot. Seems at least once an hour, a few seconds and it's over. He seems ok, doesn't last long, but am I seeing a collapsing trachea here??
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It's normal, just about all small dogs do least that's what my vet told me. He said it was sort of like having sinus drainage and that reverse coughing thing they do is how they clear it. Chico did it several times a day, usually in his sleep or just after waking up, when he was younger. Now at almost 6mo he seldom ever does it at all.

Scarey sounding, isn't it?
I know what you mean, I got Poppy at 10 weeks and she did it ALOT, every day at least six or seven times and at night. It really worried me because it sounds so horrible but my vet assured me it would get less as she gets older and that its not harmful. She is now 5 and a half months old and has completelty stopped doing it...I am sure your baby will too... :wave:
Kemo still does it at nearly 2...bindi does it, mostly when they drink. If it is too too frequent then they have drugs to help :)
there is a big difference between reverse sneeze and collapsing trachea.

Reverse sneeze will sound like the dog is pulling a lot of air through the nose making a "quack-wheeze" type sound. Normal, can't do anything about it to fix it except surgery to resect the soft palate. Just get your dog to lick you, works everytime.

Collapsed trachea is a much more serious issue, and typically is a bout of hacking and hair-ball-like gagging. This can be a problem because they have difficulty breathing. Consult your vet.
My Bruiser is almost three and still does it. Especially if he gets excited. If he licks my hand and he swallows it stops. It is always kind of scary tho. There have been a couple of times I though he had a collapsed trachea--but he was fine. :D

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