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Reverse sneezing or collapsed trachea??

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I was wondering if any of your Chi's have the coughing and honking fits that are associated with this breed? Poppy has had this horrible cough since I got her and at first I thought it was kennel cough. The vet didnt seem too worried about it (but he is Chinese and we dont communicate very well...) Anyway, I have been reading up about the various types of cough that Chi's can get and I am confused!
Poppy tends to cough for about a minute and then at the end she seems to almost try to throw up, like she has a hairball in her throat. I dont know if this is a symptom of reverse sneezing or collapsed trachea. Has anyone else's Chi had this kind of cough? And does anyone know what the treatment/prognosis for this is? I am so worried! :(
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Chico did the same thing regularly for a couple of weeks and seldom does it anymore, it was always worse while he slept ot was just waking up. The vet said his tongue got stuck to the top of his mouth where his soft pallete is. It's sort of like having sinus trouble in that the mucus in his mouth gets thicker and the snorting and reverse sneezing thing is his way of trying to clear it out. I don't know a better way to describe it!

He also said that it would get better as he got older but that some dogs do it all their lives.
It sounds like reverse sneezing. Is she acting normal otherwise? If it was a collapsed trachea, there would be other symptoms too. Like if she tires rather easily or passes out from lack of air. I am in no way an expert but those are just a few things I have heard about.
camilla - do a search of the forum - you will find loads of info on this :wave:
Dobbie and drinking water

When Dobbie drinks, he sneezes or something, reverse sneezing or whatever while drinking. He never does it otherwise, only while drinking.
Richie does that too and our vet said it is reverse sneezing. He first got it when he had a cold and has it now from time to time. I agree, with traheal collapse there would be other symptoms as well. Plus, it seldom happens to yound dogs, mostly to old ones. Of course, I am not ale to make a diagnosis, but it seems so to me.

Richie's mom
Thanks guys, I researched it all on the web a bit more and I also have come to the conclusion that it is reverse sneezing...apparently tracheal collapse is mostly in older dogs and she is perfectly ok in every way, not tiring out etc....she also does it upon waking and doesnt seem disturbed by it....phew!! i think she is ok.....
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