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nemochi said:
awwww he's a little sweetie :D how much does he weigh now?
Thanks girls

:? well when we got him at 9 weeks he weighed in at 2.2 pounds :shock: tiny but had a belly lol but the assistant never said he was over weight. When we went back when he was 11 weeks he had not gained weight and was still exactly 2.2 pounds but the VET said he needed to loose 200 grams (so half a pound) as he was overweight. As he hasnt gained weight since we got him I think it was the breeder- she over over fed him. But now hes loosing the weight and id say at 12 weeks now were looking at over one and a half pounds (if hes lost the weight) I think he has lol just matured in the face lol I hope when I visit the vet they say hes about right now hes on a proper diet, 4 meals a day ONLY! lol soz about the long weight story, get carried away! :roll: :D
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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