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Rosie and Harley

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Rosie is almost 4 lbs. now. This is wonderful news. I was so afraid she would stay at 3 lbs. I think she hit a growth spurt. :p

Harley I am sad to say is still hanging in at 4.5 lbs. :cry: The vet has run every blood test and he comes back healthy, but he is just to thin. He should, according to the vet, weigh at least 6 to 7 lbs. Harley eats well, just doesn't gain weight. :? So now he is to go to the vet again next week to see how much he has gained. The vet recommended keeping him on RC with added wet food three times a day. She also recommended giving him a bits of boiled chicken a few times a week which we have been doing for a month or more now.

Anyone have any other ideas to put some weight on him?
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why does he have to be 6-7 pounds ??? is he tall?

can you post a pic? :wink:

i'm glad they are healthy :wave:

kisses nat
Harley is fairly tall. He is a deer type. If it wasn't for his hip bones, back bones, and ribs showing the vet would probably not be concerned.
Harley does look very thin but cute! I was looking through some recepies online and found a few for dogs. There are a couple that say that if you dont want your dog to gain weight that you should not cook that. This isnt food that should be given everyday, its more like a birthday treat or something. Some of them containe I think boiled chicken and others have kibbles.. Its all natural foods that wont harm them. If you cant find the recepies let me know and ill give them to you if you are interested.

Good Luck on the Vet visit next week!

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