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How well do your Chi's play with other pups? When Amy brings Josie over, her and Ryan go at it like 2 big dogs, and seem to just love it, she acts like she's bigger than him and doesn't really care what he thinks about it - and she holds her own, too. It's fun to watch.
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Bosco will roughhouse with other first I got really worried but now I am more accustomed to it. :lol: Lola will play rough with Bosco, but everyone else she is very submissive with. She likes to be chased and if she gets caught, she rolls onto her belly.
We had a border collie friend named Fritz and he and Cooper loved each other - they would roughhouse all the time and, usually, it was Cooper that won! :lol:
After Fritz died, my friend's bf got another border collie named Round Up. Round Up WANTS to be Cooper's friend but he's still a pup (just over a year) and bounces off walls, etc. He's a little too much for Cooper and he refuses to go anywhere near Round Up. :(
Fritz was the only dog Cooper ever played with like that though. I'm hoping if he keeps going to the Chi meetups, he'll feel comfortable playing with other chis.
Marcus is king of rough-housing. He loves it. Any dog big or small Marcus feels the need to jump, nip and play with. I think he thinks he is a great dane or something.
Taco loves to rough house with our golden retreiver. But, he's a little more carefull of dogs that he doesn't know. It takes him a while to decide if he trusts them. Our golden is very gentle with him for his size. If the golden gets too rambunctious, Taco just jumps on the couch, where Buster isn't allowed. dog!
I call Pixie the big bully because she always plays with this old chi and she wrestles with him and really gets roughhousing. Be careful though - she plays a lot with this other poodle mix dog as well and they got roughhousing so much that he accidently poked Pixie in the eye and she had 2 puncture wounds going through her cornea. So now I'm extra cautious when she gets playing because that was not a fun experience for either of us!
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