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Royal Canin is awesome

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I just wanted to thank this forum!!! After reading some info and comments on RC, I decided to switch. I noticed Seiah's coat was getting dull and somewhat grayed out. After switching the shine is coming back. Thank you!!!
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That's good to hear! I think RC is awesome too and so do my chi babies. :D
Great to hear that RC is working! My chi's just love the stuff and I have noticed that Tequila's coat is getting brighter. They seem to have tons more energy too...but that can also be due to the warm weather :wink:
ii think i will print a few of the topics on the royal canin and show them to dr. dan i'm sure he'd love to read the good things we have to say!
Nice to hear another good reveiw. I will be buying Royal Canine for Ella when she comes home.
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