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Ruby Dooby (a kazillion photos!)

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Well we have news that Ruby is going to do a bit of modelling for hipdoggie! They're in contact through the awesome girl I bought the princess tee and 2 hoodies off, Ann (who happens to have her own gorgeous chi baby Chloe). Apparently they want Ruby to model something from their upcoming line which they're going to send to us! This is so exciting :) They want full body shots so I've been practising, and geesh! Full body shots are SO hard to do with that silly tail of hers, lol :lol: And I'm one of these people that always wanna zoom in. I've left them pretty big incase Ann or Hipdoggie want to use any of them, so they don't loose their quality so I've made clickable thumbnails for you to view them with. Wow! I just go on and on and on, hahaha!
Enjoy the pics!

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Congrats!!! HipDoggie is one of Cooper's favorite "designers". That's where he got his Rockstar t-shirt and a few others he wears on a constant basis.

Yay Ruby!! You're a model... a SUPERSTAR!!!
oh wow - well if anyone can make it as a model ruby can :D my fave body shot is the last one I love her expression :D
Seems like a while since we've seen more pics of beautiful Ruby, but now what a banquet! :lol: Absolutely stunning pics of an exceptionally gorgeous Supermodel. :p
who would be better for the job ????? :?

she's the prettiest !!

kisses nat
Hardly a surprise... we knew she was a superstar in the making. :lol: I love the one of her lying in your arms like a baby and the one with her face smooshed into something (a slipper?). They could not have selected a more beautiful, elegant model. Congratulations to Ruby and mom! :wave:
Aww! Thanks so much guys! It's so exciting :) We can't wait!

The 'slipper' was one of those cool 'chewy vuitton' toys we got free with the hoodies from the lovely Ann :)
I don't think anyone could be surprised they want to use her as a model cause she is so beautiful. Those are all adorable pics :D Congrats Ruby :wave:
How exciting for you guys...Ruby makes a wonderful little model, well done! :D
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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