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Ruby Video :)

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We're getting in on the video craze here ;) lol.

We had a quiet morning at home in our PJ's and took some video of our little monkey. First ones are Ruby jumping with my sister, I swear she (my sister) thinks Ruby's a horse, lol.

Jumping 33cm

Jumping 30cm

Just having a play:

Ruby Playing
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PS: You might have to play them twice, they seem to play a bit funny the first time.
I love it!!! I love seeing the chis in "action". :D
How cute!

This is great...I lvoe this video stuff :D

Giz likes watching, especially when their is sound involved.. :wave:
I enjoyed watching the videos!! I wish I had a camera (that worked!) that I could hook up to my computer and share videos of Britney!

Your home is Very nice, the scenary looked wonderful!
Thanks Guys!

SunnyFLMum said:
This is great...I lvoe this video stuff :D
I'm loving these vids too, kinda makes them all more 'real' lol!
wow! these zippyvideos are getting more and more popular!

Zippy is adorable :D and I love your siggy :wave:
Awww ruby is so well trained - I love the vid of her playing she reminds me so much of my 2 - she is the exact same colour :D and your house is HUGE :lol:
These vids are great!!! i think it makes it more real too! chi's in action! and sometimes on pictures they dont always look what they seem, so vids are great!!!

Ruby looks gorgeous! i enjoyed te videos!!!
Awwwww...Ruby is just beautiful. She has such a great disposition...and is very athletic! I love hearing your sister's accents....and her jammies are great! What a great Aunt Ruby has! :)
:love5: She always GORGEOUS!

Stinky say: My mom is jealous of your coat Ruby and she wants me to have something like it.. :roll: but since she keeps cutting it to keep me cool I doubt is gonna :wink: moms!
Thats an awesome video, you got yourself a little show dog there :wink:
Ruby is gorgeous!! She needs to go into agility!! lol. What a jumper :D
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