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Mods are no longer going to have to justify there actions to members,
There are not enough hours in the day, and Im not gona ask anyone to give up so much of the time voluntarily to have to listen to a thousand different opions on how they shouldve done the job better.
The administration of this site is never going to a 100% fair, its impossible.
We dont keep a log of evey bad comment every members ever made, and then weigh them up all against each other, the fact is some people just stand out.

Some people also seem to be under the impression that when someones banned its due to one incident. Its not, and the time of the ban, has nothing to do with, when the behaviour that warranted a ban occured.

We have a moderator forum where everything is discussed before it happens, banning happens when we get a chance to get round to it.
Its safe to say that anyone that gets banned will have already wasted alot of moderator time already, were just not going to have to keep dealing with the same people, I believe too many chances have already been given by the mods, I dont want them to have to be harsh, but I dont want them to be walked over either.

From now on being disrespectful to a moderator will result in a ban, If I believe the moderators are doing a bad job I will be the one to tell them.

But the fact is I choose the mods because they were nice people and well liked on the forum. I need members to like the moderators, as I believe if you dont like the moderators on the site theres no point being here.
I ask them to be as impartial as they can be, but I realise they are human, I would love to have a robot to run the forum for me, that could have some forumla that somehow calculates the best course of action to make everyone happy, but if you realise how impossible that would be, youll understand what its like to be a mod.

Alot of members do realise this, and Id like to say thank you to them for their support.

Ive intorduced this rule change, as I can't afford to pay the mods, all I can do is try and make their job easier.

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