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running with three legs?

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My girlfriend's chihuahua is about 6 years old. Little weirdo. Whenever I say, "You want to go outside?" or anything that make her run, she starts to run, then lifts a back leg while continuing to run, then sometimes will switch legs while running. I've never seen this in a dog! She walks hunched over like a raccoon. Is this normal for a chihuahua? I've never had a chihuahua because I've always thought they're more trouble than what they're worth. i.e. can't play with them much, always watch where you're walking or sitting.

Just curious
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keeks has started doing this im not sire if its the same lef, or different ones i think keeks may have a bit of a sprain altho ive examined her leg and she doesnt seem to be in any pain
e3stone said:
I've never had a chihuahua because I've always thought they're more trouble than what they're worth. i.e. can't play with them much, always watch where you're walking or sitting.
Well for us chi LOVERS they are worth every bit of our time :wave:
yeah definately agree with you there vic , why would you post on here just to be nasty about must be bored :evil:
I have never had my chi's do this before. Is the grass cold or wet when she goes outside? Sometimes my chi's will lift their back legs if the grass is too cold or wet.

Please keep in mind that this is a chihuahua forum and everyone here either has, or is planning to get a chihuahua. Everyone here loves the breed and would take your post as offensive. I do not know if you intended for this post to come across in a mean way, but it did. You must watch how you word your posts so you dont offend other members of this site. My brother has the same attitude as you about chihuahua's and I know he doesnt mean half the things he says, but for the people who really love the breed, saying things like
"I've never had a chihuahua because I've always thought they're more trouble than what they're worth. i.e. can't play with them much, always watch where you're walking or sitting.
can really rub people the wrong way. If you do not like the breed, then maybe you should have your girlfriend post here, or you will just need to watch what you write. Again I am not saying you cannot post here, I am just saying that you need to read over the sites rules and watch what you type.

Sorry i couldnt help you more about the leg thing. Does she seem to be in any pain?

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Every chihuahua even the chihuahua mixes that I know do that thing with the leg. I don't know why either but I think it's cute. Maybe they just have an extra spring in their step. :)

BTW, my chi is worth every bit of my time (and money). He's a great little guy. :wink:
lol for some reason alot of men are anti chihuahuas, well at leats a few men i know, i remeber chris really didnt want me to get one, now he loves keeks
i guess men get more than they bargained for when the date a chi lover suddenly theres 3 people in the realtionship :lol:
I think it is a macho (manly) thing. Chis are so small most men don't consider them a manly dog. They would rather have something like a pit bull or a Sherpard.
I am very happy that a few of our members are men. They are smart enough to know that Chis are all about personality.
nicely said ms p :lol:
I know I can't wait to get my Chi....I spent around $300 the other day on toys and other dog stuff 8) My wife thought it was funny when I came home with 3 bear sweaters for our little girl.....I only have a few more weeks till we go pick Maggie up :wink: I am a guy and I would rather have a Chi then a big dog......Chi's are so loving....My mother-in-laws chi was licking me all over my face today :lol: I can't wait :wink:

It's definitely a man thing. Martin (my bf) did NOT want a chihuahua. Basically, he knew I was getting one anyway though. Now he LOVES Mr. Peepers. He's like his son, it's so cute.
Well, thank you to the 3 people out of 11 that actually replied to concern that I had. I don't appreciate the people insinuating that I'm being macho or "trashing" the breed. I could actually care less if this dog was a chihuahua or not. I'm genuinely concerned about this dog and it does happen to be a chihuahua. This does not seem to be normal for a dog to run around on three legs.

When she runs around it's inside. She doesn't go outside unless I take her out to take care of her business. She's smaller than most chihuahuas, so I'm thinking that she's having hip problems.

Again, thanks for the people to replied to my original concern.
e3stone said:
Well, thank you to the 3 people out of 11 that actually replied to concern that I had. I don't appreciate the people insinuating that I'm being macho or "trashing" the breed.
Then read what you most certainly did insult the breed, and this was the wrong place to do it!
A little hitch in the run

I've noticed that my Chi gets that little hitch/switch/hop in his rear end sometimes. I've attributed it to a little "get happy" mood. However, if the dog is constantly doing it, and can't run any other way, then perhaps there is a problem that should be discussed with a vet.

This forum is a great one for discussing what is "normal" and what is not. Like most moms and dads (and pet owners), we sometimes over react and run to the doctor with our babies. We really don't want to make a habit of it, so this group can give us a quick read as to whether a vet visit is needed.

In reading the posts, I'm sure that you noticed that we Chi parents are really prejudiced where our Chi babies are concerned. I know you didn't mean to criticize your Chi but only to express your inexperience with them. Good luck and hug that Chi baby.
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Again, I am not sure if you realize it but your post did come across as offensive. Like I said earlier I didnt think you did it purposly but just wanred that you need to watch what you say because all we have to go on is what you actually type...we cannot get a sense of your 'tone' because we cannot actually speek with you. Its hard to remember that people cant understand your true emotion when posting because all we have to go on is your actual words, even though you might had been generally concerned it did not come out in your post.
Please just understand that what you did say was offensive and it really turned off a lot of people from actually adressing your concerns because all they saw was that you didnt care for the breed. If you had just talked about the issue at hand and kept your personal oppinion of the breed to yourself you would had noticed that you would had received tons of helpful posts. We are a great group of chi-owners and would do anything to help out a fellow chi-parent but we also are extremely defensive of the breed....thats just how we are.
Please feel free to continue posting but next time keep in mind what you feel and what you type can be two totally different things and to remember to keep your post to the point.
It really does seem like you wanted help now that I read your second post...somthing I wasnt sure about with your first.
Feel free to PM any of the mods if you have anymore questions.


PS- how is your little girl doing??? Did you call the vet to ask if there was something wrong. Again I have never seen my three do what you described and I would be worried it was some neurological condition...Like Clare said a vet check would be best.
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I've never seen my 2 do it either. I would think there was something wrong with them if they did.

I remember my male rottie started doing that when he was around 2 years old. Ended up he did have hip displacia.

If a chi did it I would think it would be more likely the knee problem.
My chi does it now and then.

I had a golden lab/beagle mix that did it all of the time.

Neither one had any health problems, just idiosyncracies.

Don't worry ....... we won't bite you. But we sure do snarl when it sounds like someone is making fun of or denigrating our dogs. The little extra you added just sets people like us off the same way as if we picked on something you like a lot.

Tell you what, I won't make fun of you for accidentally sounding like a chi-bigot if you won't make fun of me for refusing to kill spiders even if they're in my house. Is it a deal?
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LOL I use to refuse to kill any bug in my house when I was little. I would catch them (either by hand or with a little paper cup) and take them outside. Needless to say that is not the case anymore....creepy bugs!!!
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