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Adorable pics! My hubby wants a smooth coat mini dachshund. Do they get along well together? I've heard that they can have back problems though, is that true? They are both beautiful!
They get along great. Ryan is only two weeks older than Josie and we took him with us when we picked her up from the breeder. He knew that he wanted a Mini Dach. and I knew I wanted a Chi, so we wanted to get them around the same time to make sure they grew up together. We've said before that we think they'd just be lost without each other. They cry if we seperate them!

Doxies can get back problems, it's true. They can develop something called Disk Disease that basically means that they've had a disk hernia somewhere in their spinal columns. It's so common to Doxies because they're so long. It can be prevented, you just have to watch and not let them overexert their backs. Don't let them jump on/off furniture that's really high up (if at all). Those ramps are great for Doxies to use. If you get one, you should definitely post some pics!
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