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Sad and angry about new puppy from breeder

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Hi all,
I'm new to the forum, and have spent hours reading everyone's posts and studying for the arrival of my new baby, Rosie. So now I'm asking for your advice. I received Rosie Wednesday and she was perfect. Happy, responsive, shiny and beautiful. So Friday afternoon I come in to find Rosie passed out in her own vomit and diarrhea and I panicked. I took her to the emergency clinic and on the way there she awoke, and stayed lethargic and glazy eyed. While waiting, I felt her coat and it seemed dry, coarse and began to fall out. She's shaking incredibly and dry heaving and I'm in tears when the doctor came. After blood tests, intraveinous feeding and feces cultures, she's assessed that Rosie: 1) has a severe bacterial infection, 2) low glucose (common in chihuahua's, I've heard), 3) dehydrated and 4) came up as a weak positive for Parvo. The doc says the Parvo could just be a reaction from her last vaccination 10 days ago, but heart stopped. $500, antibiotics, and a still lethargic, shaking puppy later (other fecal and blood cultures will be reported later this week), I'm a mess! I didn't even own the puppy 2 days ago and now I've paid more for the vet than Rosie cost! What responsibility does the breeder have to me at this point? I found it odd that a few days before Rosie arrived, I'd asked for specifics (behavioral issues, medical past, etc.) and received no reply. I of course, received her vaccination info - thank God - but I'm very angry and in disbelief this could have happened in 2 days time. I'm madly in love with Rosie and regardless of what the breeder claims responsiblity for, I will pay whatever it takes to heal her. But I do feel entitled to at least some sort of discussion with the breeder, no? Thanks for the ear - and any advice is appreciated. I'm a nervous wreck.
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This is just heartbreaking! Poor poor Rosie! Does the breeder live near you?
Have you informed her about Rosie's condition? Was the puppy shipped to you? There are alot of breeders who appear to be responisble breeders but are actually just big puppy mills. Unfortunately, I wouldn't count on any finincial help from the breeder. Did you sign a contract?
Well, either way, I hope Rosie makes a full recovery. Please keep us updated on her condition. I look forward to seeing a picture of her as soon as possible!
First of all WELCOME!

I feel so bad about your little Rosie, how old is she?
When I got my second chihuahua she got sick after about 2/3 days that we had her. She had low blood sugar(dehydrated) and her situation was really critical. She went into a coma quite a few times and the vet told us that she didn't have almost any chances of survival, also considering her very small size. (I thank God that she made it!) When she was sick we called the breeder but unfortunately there was nothing she wanted to so for us. :(
Depending on breeder I guess, sometimes they give you a few days "guarantee", if the little dog gets sick, within those days, they would help you take care of it or they might give you another one if that one couldn't make it. (that's what Luna's breeder did...I think it was a 4 days thing :? ..if I remember correctly)

It's very hard to give you advices because unfortunately this is not a very nice situation, I went through it myself (except for the Parvo virus).
What I would suggest you to do is call the breeder and see if he can do anything for you. Explain him the situation....that's what we did but unfortunately it didn't go well for us. :( Unfortunately the breeder may very much tell you that the dog was fine for the first 2 days that you had her and that Rosie got the virus while there with you.

Believe me, I COMPLETELY understand what you feel. I was devastated when Stella was sick.
With Lost of prayers, lots of love, and (not so very nice for our wallets :shock: ) lost of money, she made it.
I give you my best wishes for a full recovery and PLEASE let us know how she is doing.
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First of all hi and welcome

did you get a reciept with rosie - did the breeder say if you have any problems to contract her etc ? I would definately ring and explain what has happened and just say you are worried thatc the other pups and mom may also be infected - and see what she says

I know in England that if you take a new pup to the vetrs within 72 hours of having it and there is something badly wrong etc you are well within your right to return the pup to the breeder and be reimbursed - i know this is easier said than done as even after 2 days we form a loving bond with thee babies - but just check out your local laws etc on the selling of animals

keep us posted on how rosie gets on - we will all be praying for her :wave:
Hi -

Thanks so much for your replies. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I took Rosie to a veteranarian for a check up (she's still not moving, thus not eating/drinking) and he injected her with more fluids and gave me plastic syringes, baby bottles, pedialyte and food for forced feeding. I could see his eyebrows raise when he saw how small she was. I was fully aware of the glucose issue - but certainly didn't expect her to faint. I appreciate your positive energy. I will post a pic as soon as she will open her eyes for me (sigh). Thanks again.
When I read your post about syringes, that brought back memories. :(
It's going to be hard both for you and for her but I DO HOPE she will recover soon. Remember though.....its' going to take a little time.
When Stella was sick we had to get up in the middle of the night to feed she is a chubby little chi.
I remember the situation was so critical that the vet told us that she wasn't probably going to make it. A week and a half passed and I remember the vet told us that if by monday she wasn't improving, it would have been better to put her to sleep. it it love, we decided to wait. I swear....Tuesday she started her long recovery. That brings tears to my eyes.
Again, best of wishes and give Rosie a big kiss from the three of us!
Oh I am ever so sorry to hear about your baby. Sending good {{{VIBES}}} and prayers to you both. As everyone has said a good breeder would offer to give you another or pay allor half of your costs! Please keep us posted on everything :wave:
So sorry to hear your pup is ill. I'll keep you two in my thoughts and definitely keep us posted. I agree with everyone else - contact the breeder and insist that she pay 1/2 the vet costs. If she refuses, maybe you can contact the Better Business Bureau?
Oh so sorry that Rosie is ill. How pitiful! Sending good thoughts and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!
I certainly hope she recovers and does well. I would certainly think the breeder would be responsible since you have only had the puppy 2 days. I think she/he should cover most of the vet cost I would certainly talk to them
I'm a newbie to dogs, but not to the business of selling/buying animals.

If that animal was sold to you sick, then the breeder should be paying all costs. If that pup collapsed on them, surely, they'd be footing the bill. You bought a healthy pup and was not sent as such. Thus you did not get what you paid for and the breeder should rectify that situation.
That is horrible, I feel so bad for you :( . I have to say though unless you signed a contract that had a health guarantee you probably won't get any help from the breeder. Now if it's a good breeder then I'm sure they'd be willing to come to some sort of compromise. I hope Rosie feels better soon, we'll be thinking about you, keep us updated.
What a nightmare you 2 are going through. I am so sorry. I would defiantely put a call into the breeder! If anything else this is sure going to put a strong bond between you and the pup.
I would be very upset. Did you get papers or a health gaurentee with the puppy. I think the breeder should be responsible for the cost. I would call them. I think you can also turn them in its illegal to sell a puppy if you think there may be a problem with it.
good luck.
OMG! Please call your breeder NOW!!!! That is so awful! Your so wonderful for taking such good care of this little pup! What a lucky dog! You never know though, maybe your breeder really doesn't know she was sick, I am hoping she will help you pay for everything, she really should. Please let us know what happens!
First off, hello and welcome to the forums. This is not the ideal way to begin your new life with your chi, but hopefully everything will work out just fine. Now if I were you this is what I would do:

First gather all the paperwork that you got from the breeder and go over it again in regards to her health etc.
Get all the paperwork from the vets and go over those as well, can they estimate how long she might have had Parvo etc.
Then, take a deep breath and call the breeder. Explain to her what has happened in a nice, non-threating way. Tell her what the vets have told you, how all her other pups could be in danger, and then bring up anything you have to back you up in regards to her contract. For example, your contract states a 72 hour health guarantee so long as I have her vet checked within that time, unfortunately as you now know we are having problems. I have bonded with Rosie and do not wish to return her at this time, unless for some reason she does not make it. In that case I would like a replacement puppy as stated in your contract once one becomes available.
I honestly do not think any breeder will reimburse your vet costs unless you A) do not wish to keep the puppy due to her health problems, and even then I think it has to be something terminal (again must be based on your contract) or B) the problem causes death and even them I think they require their vet to do an autopsy on the animal before they will give you a refund or replacement.

At this point it becomes a contract fight depending on your contract, and up to you to keep her and deal with the medical bills or not to keep this puppy, get a refund, or try again with the same breeder and a different pup. It sounds to me like you do want to keep this puppy, so my best guess at this point would be to inform the breeder, and if you have MEDICAL PROOF that the puppy was sent to you sick and she is not will to work with you within the terms of the contract to contact the BBB, and anyone else you can think of.

This is a terrible situation not only for you but your pup as well. I only hope she becomes healthy and things work out no matter what must be done.
PLEASE update us on her progress as soon as you can.

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I am so sorry to hear of your problems with your chi and I hope that everything turns out okay.
Unfortunately, I have bought a number of chis that the breeder just was not on top of things. Such as, giving the pup its first shot on the day it goes to a new home-no worming or unprofessional worming. No vet exam-shots & worming administered by the breeder.
I have had breeders tell me not to take my pups to the vet because ONLY sick dogs go to the vet. Well, I disagree with that. My litter of pups just went to the vet-cost $100. They are given a health exam by a vet, first shots & first worming by the vet. Then I would never place them in a home until at least one week after the first shot-make sure that no problems arise due to the vaccination. They all got a clean bill of health and I recommend that the new owners see a vet within two weeks for the next series of shots. Then if there was a problem at that time I would have to take things into consideration. Has the pup been abused, under fed, no attention. And if some of these thing factor in, do I refund money, all or partial. Especially if I need to get the puppy out of a bad situation. So many issues to decide at that time. And hopefully you make the correct decision. :wink:
I am sure that everyone here on the board love their chis and probably all are spoiled furbabies, but we ALL know that their are people who get a pup or raise puppies and are not good dog owners-other wise we would not have the need for rescue agencies... :( :wave:
Please do not take this offensively, that is not my intent. But just stating a few facts that we are all aware of, I am sure...
But we are all excited at that little bundle of fur, it is difficult to remember those questions-how old, vaccinations, what if??? what would you do if a health issue arises?? vet visits...foods most liked..
why are you making me sign a contract??
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Breeders view point

Hi Welcome I am a newbie too so I thought i would add my cooments to this very sad affair.

Here in the uk pedigree pups are usually sold with insurance. I do know from experience that parvo can fell a puppy in hours It is very difficult to keep everything sanitised but this you must do!!. Make sure you have a good antibactial to wash your hands before you tought your puppy and take your shoes off before entering the house . If you try to build your little one up with boiled brown rice and chicken. You must feed puppies small amounts oftne if you have ANY sign of upset tummy a chihuahua puppy can be ok then an hour later be so lifeless that you think they will die. I always keep a bottle of recue remedy by my side and a rehydrating solution with glucose and salt this yshould be give littel a often to prevent a colapse.

People dont realise how quick they can fall critically ill when pups. I really hope you little one pulls through they are strong little dogs good luck lot of love :roll:
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Thank you for your warm wishes. I apologize for not thanking you earlier - but this week has been miserable. I'm so terribly sad to say that Rosie passed away last Sunday morning. Once again, we had to rush her to the hospital around 5am - she had diarrhea again - but this time black, which I knew meant internal bleeding. She couldn't lift her head or stand up - and could barely even attempt to try. I was a hysterical mess, and my husband and I cried through it together - and deliberated back and forth what we should do. Finally, the doctor said the bacterial infection had spread to her liver (thus, the internal bleeding) - and she was not producing any sort of glucose in her blood whatsoever. Rosie was just too small to fight it. I cry even just writing this. The doctor told us to get rid of all of her items (bed, sweaters, brush, etc.) and sanitize her area because of contamination. So now it's all some weird memory - I go home and there's no playpen, no bed, no toys, no anything - like it never happened. Less than 72 hours of my life - and I can't get over it. I'm so so terribly angry at her prior owners - who will not respond to any sort of contact. Do they not realize their animals are at stake, considering this infection could possibly be spreading throughout their home? I feel guilty going after them, because Rosie was worth more than money could ever buy - but in reality, we spent over $2000 in 2 days trying to save her. I have analyzed her health records - and am in disbelief - (I received the documents when Rosie was sent to me) - it appears the owners took her to Mexico for her examinations/vaccinations - and I cannot find any information on the vet clinic, or doctor - or anything. I don't know what to do at this point - I understand there are Puppy Lemon Laws (although not in Texas). I am in NY - the owners are in TX. Does anyone have any suggestion what to do? I can't even get them to contact me acknowledging Rosie's passing. I finally got the photo some of you asked for, of Rosie and I on her first evening here - but can't bear to post it yet. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. I know, deeply, how much you all love your chi's - they know it too.
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