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Breeders view point

Hi Welcome I am a newbie too so I thought i would add my cooments to this very sad affair.

Here in the uk pedigree pups are usually sold with insurance. I do know from experience that parvo can fell a puppy in hours It is very difficult to keep everything sanitised but this you must do!!. Make sure you have a good antibactial to wash your hands before you tought your puppy and take your shoes off before entering the house . If you try to build your little one up with boiled brown rice and chicken. You must feed puppies small amounts oftne if you have ANY sign of upset tummy a chihuahua puppy can be ok then an hour later be so lifeless that you think they will die. I always keep a bottle of recue remedy by my side and a rehydrating solution with glucose and salt this yshould be give littel a often to prevent a colapse.

People dont realise how quick they can fall critically ill when pups. I really hope you little one pulls through they are strong little dogs good luck lot of love :roll:
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