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Said goodbye to Billy Blue Boy today.

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I had to let my Billy Blue Boy go today. He’s had congestive heart failure for almost a year. Saturday night, he refused his heart meds and refused to eat. Sunday, he was drinking a lot and throwing it up. This morning, he could barely walk. He staggered over to me when I sat down, he want his mom to cuddle. When I picked him up, he couldn’t keep his head up. So, I sent the girls to program and fed the animals and took him in. After some straight talk to the vet, I decided to let him go. The vet said he was too far gone in just two days. I could throw thousands of dollars at him, but it wouldn’t be enough. I will miss him so much. He was such a sweet dog, all the other dogs loved him and would always allow him to share their dog bed. His nickname was Grrr, any time another dog was trying to get snacks or more attention, he’d grrr at them. And pretend to bite them. The other dogs ignored it. He was the only dog I bought from a breeder, I fell in love with his huge ears and tiny tail and his blue fawn color. He was always doing things to hurt himself, he got his collar stuck on the chain link fence and twisted it so tight he was suffocating himself. I luckily found him in time to rescue him. One time he went outside and came in with a three inch cut on the top of his head that needed 8 stitches. To this day, I have no idea how he did that. He was my favorite, my shadow and I’m just devastated right now.
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So sorry for your loss. My sweet baby just turned 14 and is starting to show her age. I dread the day. They really bring so much love and happiness into our lives. I'm sure you gave him the best life. I hope that can be a comfort.
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So hard to lose these sweet little boys and girls. Just love them all so much and breaks my heart to have lost several and one just recently due to dementia. At the time I didn't even know they could get that but all the symptoms fit. He was an angel and loved everyone. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful pup. Always so difficult.
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