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saskias not well !

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ok well last nite i found a really weird thing under saskia arm we cant tell if it is ring worm or a cut or whatever shes not herself so i have a vets appointment tonite im really worried about her she really doesnt seem herself it doesnt seem to be bothering her whatever it is so fingers crossed its just a scrath as that what it loks like it looks like shes been itching and cut herself some how anyway ill let you guys know whats up with her soon x
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i'm hoping it's nothing :cry: poor saskia......keep us posted !!

kisses nat
Oh Saskia I hope you are all better real soon!
get well saskia! fingers xst

Love n hugs and get well thoughts

S xXx
aw poor baby. get well soon darling!

(maybe a hot spot? when bonty was real sick he had a nasty hot spot that caused him the fevers, the lethargic behaviour and all the worries. after all kinds of testing to see what was wrong, the hot spot healed up and he was back to his old self again, well except we did find a slight heart murmer but that didn't cause the sickness the hot spot did.....)
Poor little Saskia...feel better soon baby!! :wave:
Oh, I hope she's ok! Keep us updated on how things go - we'll be waiting to hear!

Good Luck!
Poor baby... I'll keep my fingers crossed!! :)
saskia is ok we took her and its a small skin infection could be a allergic reaction to something by the looks of it who knows what though lol, ive been given some cream and she had a injection for something or other lol and im back for a follow up next monday x
I'm so glad to hear she is going to be ok!!! What a relief that must be for you! :wave:
glad it wasn't ringworm! i had that! it's sooo contagious!
*Big sigh* Relief!! :)
I am so glad she is O.K. - hopefully it will clear up soon. Hugs to Saskia.
So glad to hear saskia is ok!!!! :D
Glad everything went well :D
How relieved you must feel! So glad that it turned out to be nothing serious! :p
Glad it was nothing major Hope she is feeling better :D
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