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Because their spelling and grammar was bad in the first response, I had my suspicions. Some legit people are bad with spelling and grammar, so I won't jump to conclusions based on that alone.

Now I thought I'd share what I suspect is a typical Nigerian scam response, hopefully nobody here will fall for this.

Thanks for the mail and interest in the little male and female
puppies. They are 11 weeks old and their names are Liya and Lino.
They are our darling angels. We are on a volunteer mission to
Cameroon together with the UN malaria committee,in regards to the
disease in pregnant women and children. We traveled up here together
with Liya and Lino and my daughter. They wont allow them into the
country for reason being that, pets are not allowed into the country
from other countries and i have been given a maximum of 2 weeks to
send them back to the states. So that is the reason i have to find for
them a home back in the states where they will be showered with all
that love and affection. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a few

-Are you a Christian Family?
-Do you have kids?
-Do you have any experience with puppies?
-Are you a breeder or will you breed them in the future if I let you have them?
-Are you ready for Her today?
-Will you send us updates about them from time to time and pictures?

I am 45 just being concerned about the type of home they will be
going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love them so much
and we want to make sure goes to a family that will show them the
affection they deserves. They are health guaranteed,AKC registered and
will come along with all their papers,diapers,dog blanket,play toys,
crate and food menu. They are very playful and goes along with kids
and other home pets. They loves to be held and cuddled and sometimes
wants all the attention for themselves. . So if you can stand the
chance of taking them or one home, you will only need to buy them a
new travel crate because the one they came in with is bad it will cost
just $125 for a new crate for a puppy ,this money for crate will be
paid directly to the airport to provide the travel crate .. But i am
sorry i first of all need to know the answers to my questions before i
will know if we can proceed with the re-shipping arrangements.Please
get back for pictures if you will be getting the babies.Waiting to
read from you soon

Thanks and May God Bless You.
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