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Scared of cars

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Zola is fine walking, well i say that but what i mean is he is fine walking most of the time. Sometimes he just gets lazy and likes to be carried. Only thing is if a car goes by he will freeze and just sit there looking scared until I pick him up. Anyone else have this problems. I try to carry him around places with lots of cars so he can get use to it that way but any other tips?
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I think if u carry him around everywhere there is lots of cars he will get used to being carried and will be totally scared unless he is in ur arms.....
Are you reacting to his reaction when he sees a car? The best thing to do is ignore it all and keep walking and looking straight ahead.

You could also sit down in your yard or a place where cars will be going by and try to distract him before they drive by. I'm a big believer in massaging - I would probably have him lay in the grass and start massaging before the car gets close so he's calm, then continue to talk softly and massage as it passes. After a few times, his mind might automatically go into a calm mode when he hears or sees cars coming.

I definitely would ignore any "frightened" behavior though; paying attention to unwanted behavior only reinforces it.
No cars go by my place. I like in a small area and he's only ever out the back. Theres no gate in the front garden yet. When he freezes I tell him I;m not gonna pick him up and continue to walk but he [email protected] move. I stand there for 5 mins and say come on, then I try to ignore him but still he will not move. I try to pull him along but you cant pull a dog of his size that hard or id hurt him, even tho I do use a harness
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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