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I'm a happy owner of 2 female chihuahuas (both 10 years old), and want to provide my feedback about a scary and stressful experience I've had with our white one. I thought I was going to lose her after a surgery session where she was spayed and had a lump removed from her chest area. The lump was potentially cancerous. The spaying should've been done years ago (even if not around male dogs) to help prevent cancer (live and learn), but it wasn't too later.

Day 1 (surgery): She was groggy and tired from anastesia, pooped solid but slightly diarhea. Started on Tramadol.

Day 2: Gave Tramadol and Novox. Seems to be doing OK, but not eating much.

Day 3: Put e-cone on, but she squeezed out of it. Not eating at all. Bloody diarhea getting worse as day progresses. Took to emergency vet and was given Metrodonizal and Proviable probiotic paste. Was given a Cerenia shot injection. Told to refrain from giving any more Novox.

Day 4: No more Tramadol or Novox. Giving Metrodonizal and Proviable instead. Gave water and Pedialyte via eye dropper. Made boiled/pureed 1/2 cup white rice / 1 yellow squash / 1 cup chicken broth. Her appetite returned at the end of the day; she ate 3 spoonfuls of the rice mix.

Day 5: Metrodonizal and Proviable still. Using “doggy shirt” made out of a large sock with holes and a safety clip as an alternative to the e-cone; working well. She is doing much better now.

Day 6: She is eating and drinking on her own now. Doing great.

Biopsy results came back negative for cancer. So glad for that :)

Hopefully this helps anyone else out there who may run into this situation. I was up for 2 days straight praying for her and finding all I could online.
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