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yes I agree with mrs p on this - My Ozzy is the same he snarls and growls at me if I go near him when he has a treat ( but he never bites I could get it off him if i wanted) but lily is the total opposite if you tell her to drop it or " give it to mommy " as I like to say.

you need to practice taking things off because imagine if was a grape or a piece of choc you had dropped on floor and she picked it up , also for when you have children ( unless you already have ) as children will take things off her , you need to think of her actions now because in the future they may effect you a nd she will be with you a long time - hopefully 20 years so you need to teach her now - maybe she will just be a growler like ozzy - which I cant stop as it is a natural reaction I suppose but I knopw if I told him to give it me I could get it off him.

hope this helps

kepp us updated :wave:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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