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OK! How about this...if you or your son see her about to snap at you. Do the Big OUCH! Means it hurts if she did that! Be firm with her. Change your voice a bit to lower tone and say NO NO to her for misbehaving and if she stopped give her lots of praises! You just got to be persistent on her training while she was still young. I used to train Yoyo to "leave" his chew bone when he was chewing them. If he behaved then he would get extra treat with his chew bone. I also train him to get used to our HANDLING, like touching his ears, mouth, feet and his body without him bitting back. Imagine, now we could even kiss his mouth while he was chewing his favorite chew bone. Won't bother him at all! But of course, you got to do it gradually. Again, give her treats and praises only when she behaved. Hope that helps! 8)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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