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Scooter keeps on peeing in the SAME SPOT

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Hello, I really need some advice on how to break this habit.

When Scooter is in confined to the bedroom that she is more accustomed to, she is a doll. She goes potty on the wee wee pad, consistently.

When she crosses the hallway, however, to the other bedroom, she consistently pees in the same spot in the hallway. The problem is generally, that I can't see her because I'm either in one room or the other, and I don't hang around in the hallway. She never goes when I'm near the hall, only when she knows I'm not looking. I only stumble upon the wet spot by accident most times.

I've tried to confine her to the other room for extended periods of time, testing how good she is w/ pottying in the right place. After she's proven herself for a few days, and we let her go in the other room, there she goes again, right in the hall. I have punished her during the rare times I've caught her.

For the wet spots, I've soaked up the urine w/ paper towels and then applied Nature's Miracle to get rid of the smell, but she must be detecting something, b/c she keeps going in the same spot! We've steam cleaned the carpet, to no avail.

Now that part of the carpet is all gross again from god knows how many pee accidents.

I know that she doesn't have problems holding her bladder, b/c when we crate her, she won't go for hours and hours. When we put her on the bed, she knows not to go, so I know she can hold her bladder.

Am I just supposed to confine her to that room until she grows older and smarter?

Please help!
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Wow that is weird that you have used Nature's Miracle and Scooter is still going there. My only advice would be to cover the area with a piddle pad and gradually move the piddle pad where you want it to be permanently. Good luck.
How about trying this.

Confine her to the room you are in. When you are done doing what ever it is you are doing in there pick her up and take her to where she is suppose to go pee. Don't give her the opportunity to go to that spot.
I've heard that good old vinigar works just as well. Just let it sit for a while then clean it away. You could also try using that spot for playtime and put his food and water there (so says Dr.Stan on a pet show I watch religiously) that give the spot a new purpose other than being a bathroom.... not sure if it will work but anything is worth a shot!
Yep, white vinegar is what I would use. I use it when Riley marks a spot. I clean the spot and then spray with vinegar, then let the vinegar dry in the spot. They usually do not go back to that spot...
Is there something ( potted plant, large bowl ) you could set in that spot for a while. Auggie got to where he would only booboo on one spot on the bathroom rug and then he finally quit going inside at all. Good luck
Vinegar?? Would that be ok for white (well it is really off white) carpet?? Just spray that on and that is it (of course after soaking up the urine)? Do you use a carpet cleaner first? I just have been soaking it up and then using Resolve on it, but I can see exactly where it happened. I just keep telling myself that when all potty training is through that I will just get the whole carpet professionally cleaned!! :)

Our pups use to do the spot thing to. Kirby in particular will go to that same spot. We use "Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover" from Petsmart. We soak up the pee spot then soak the spot with the solution remover. We then cover it with one of their pads over night. The next morning you remove the pad and let the spot air dry. That way the solution can really work and the smell will be reduced. Buy a "Stink Finder Black Light & Flashlight" from Petsmart. It'll let you know how well you cleaned the area. ALWAYS keep your pup by your side until they are completely potty trained. We allow Kirby and Kali access to some rooms in our apartment. They are always in the same room as us. We have blocked off other rooms until they are potty trained. That way we can keep an eye on them for when they have to go. It sounds to me that your pup can still smell his pee in that spot. I agree with everyone when it comes to putting something on that spot temporarily. And remember if you can't watch your pup because you have things to get done then crate him. That's what we do and our pups don't mind. We always give them something to occupy them, and they already know not to go in their crates. That way my attention is always on them.
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