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Hello Chi People,

So Olive is a terrible flirt! She is the ultimate defendant of squatters rights - she is in the arms of anyone who will have her, usually scrabbling to get at their face! :)

She is the same on walks, she stops for anyone with a camera or who shows interest in her - she literally dances on her back legs for the crowds of tourists we get here.

The same applies to dogs and as soon as she sees another dog she pulls to go say hi, even if they are across the street or way up front. I try to keep her by my side and then the wailing and screaming starts. Obviously I have tried to keep her focus on me with voice, treats, praise. All kinds of distractions but she ignores me as soon as she catches even the faintest glimps of another dog and the noise she makes sounds like she is going to attack the other dog so other dog owners pull their pooches away, which distresses her further so she wails like a banshee even louder. All she wants is to say hello but I have to get some control over her as I refuse to simply let he bound over to other dogs for the sake of keeping her quiet, even then if she doesn't get there quick enough she screams.

So, any thought or is this a get a trainer in situation?
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