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Searching for A Puppy for my Special Mother.

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Hello to All, My name is Rae-Ann and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Saturday May 1, 2004 My Mother's Chihuahua passed away. Dyemond was his name. I am including a picture of him so you can understand why I searching. Chihuahua dogs are good for people with Asthma - Respirtorial Problems. As well as a wonderful house pets. My mother had a real special relationship with Dyemond. And it will make my mother happy if I can replace him for her. My mother was involved in a Car Acciedent 8 years ago. Ever since the car accident Dyemond knew when she was hurting, he would always Massage the parts of her body that hurt. It was cute. Mom had some foot surgery on April 23, 2004 and there Dyemond was massaging her feet everytime she needs it. Dyemond meant so much to Mom, He especially was her Healer. I want to be honest will all I can't afford to buy a Chihuahua all I can offer and assure you that any Puppy that could be given to my Mother will be Loved and Taken Good Care of. Please contact me @ [email protected] if you can bring a smile to my Mothers face. You can also call her with good news if you want. My mother's name is Theresa and you can call her @ (702) 657-2580. I am not going to tell her about this ad I place, I will let the caller be the one to brighten her day. God Bless To All Rae-Ann Las Vegas, NV
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