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Second Nature Dog Litter by Purina?

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I found this on and thought it would be great, but wasn't sure how well it would work. Does anyone use this or know of someone who does? I just want to know before I buy it! Thanks!<>ast_id=2534374302023689&bmUID=1121037741164
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No, I haven't used that particular litter, however, I'm not a big fan of litter for puppies. I prefer the puppy pads. I tried the litter when I first got Jasmine and she just made a real mess with it - scratching it out of the pan, even managed to turn the pan over a couple of times.

I think some of the forum members may use litter-not sure. It is really just a matter of personal preference and what your puppy does best with. To me, it is just much easier to put down clean puppy pads a couple of times a day than to clean a litter box.
Well, I'm not going to be home as much as I'd like to be to crate train and I was looking for a better option for her. I can see how the litter could be messy, though!
well i have it and it didn't work for my chi's i just take them out side now .
lol now the pan is being used to hold there toys. :lol:
I had thought about trying it a couple of times but something tells me I will be unhappy with it. #1, I'm not too sure Angel would accept it as a "potty" place. #2, she is a digger so I am willing to bet she will have it all over the place. #3, I'm afraid she would eat it.

I don't know anyone personally that has had success with it but have read various things online from people that use it. Some love it, others hate it. For me, I prefer to stick with pads. :D
mine didn't like walking on the litter
lol he'd give me a look like "do i have to ?" :lol:
I tried it and my dogs hated it. I ended up just using the litter pan and putting puppy pads down...they liked that much better
I use "Yesterdays News" litter (by purina) for Pablo, but Trixie won't use it so I use the pads for her. I like the litter because I only have to change it once a week before it gets smelling like urine. But I clean the poop out of it immediately (litter box and puppy pad). I change the puppy pad once a day. Yesterdays News is much smaller (the pellets) than "Second Nature", which Pablo absolutely hated due to the larger pellets.
A bag of Yesterdays News costs $5.50 and I go through about 1 bag every 3-4 weeks. A bag of pads from Walmart costs about $6.50 for a bag of 32 pads.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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