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Our Ms Tippi has severe separation anxiety, she cannot stand for my wife or me to be out of her sight. When we have to leave her at home we have to put her in her crate. She loves her crate but goes nuts when we leave the house. We had to crate her when we leave because the first time we left her at home alone not n her crate, she tore our vertical blinds to shreds, and chewed up my power cord to my laptop.

When we leave her in her crate, when we need to go out without her, anything at the front of the crate gets torn to shreds. Anything on top of the crate she will tear up. How in the world she can even reach things on top is a mystery to me. We cannot leave anything on her, she will destroy a coat or anything else.

She barks the total time we are gone, and when let out of her crate she flies to my wife, then straight to her water.

Tippi was a rescue little one, she lived her entire life inside, and never ever had been outside. We still have problems with her peeing in the house. If she would pee on the pads where it didn't run off, we wouldn't mind but she will pee right on the edge of the pad, then it runs under the pad and we have to sprinkle the Sprinkle and Sweep on it to soak it up.

We had her spayed a month ago and have seen no difference in her at all. We are thinking of maybe another little one to keep her company, maybe that would help. But we are afraid they may not like each other or may both be worse than she is now.

We were surprised when we had her spayed, the doctor said she was 1-1 1/2 years old and had had pups at one time, that knocked our socks off. I could go on but I have written a book here. lol, Any advice would be appreciated. One more thing, all she will eat is processed turkey and at times cabbage, BBQ, fried chicken liver, and hamburger fried. She will not touch peanut butter, bacon, hot dogs, or any type of dog food.
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