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Serious Dog Envy

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Have you ever had one of those weird "my dog is better than yours" situations with someone?

I was at the pet supply today and this lady with a Golden Retriever puppy was really getting on my nerves. I don't know if it was because it's been hot or if I am PMSing but I just wanted to slap her.

She kept making comments like "Oh every dog wants to be friends with my dog" "Your dog is soooo intimidated by my dog." (*rolls eyes*) And on and on and on. I wanted to wack her with a puppy pad.


That is all.
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LOL I think everyone has those moments. Some people are just friggin' annoying!!

I usually am lucky enough (sarcastic) to get the people who think that their dog is better and more well behaved than mine because I have a Chihuahua and they're such "mean" and "vicious" dogs :roll:. Yeah...Lina is just soooo vicious...
psh i get it with my daughter i have yet to get it with chiwi though...
i agree pink princess, I was at wal mart the other day and 4 women came to see Callie and they all started a conversation about how lucky I am to have a well behaved chihuahua because usually they growl and bite. Funny, I've only met one other chihuahua in this city and she was sweet as pie, so where are these vicious chi's everyone keeps telling me about??
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