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Go Chica!

My family's Chi mix, Lilly, acts as a service dog for my sister, who has epilepsy. There are too many examples to count when Lilly has warned us in enough time to get her on the floor and protect her head. She has literally saved my sister's life several times.

As someone with a SEVERE (my allergist says it is the worst he has ever seen) nut allergy and several other allergies, the fact that Chica helps with you with alerting about reactions is intriguing. I have had the nut allergy since I was four years old, so I am pretty good with dealing with it, but I'd love Toby to be able to help me! Plus, I recently developed a shellfish allergy, so now I have EVEN more to worry about. I too am concerned that I will pass out before I can use my epi-pen.

As of now, I am allergic to all types of nuts, peanut butter, mustard, pineapple, sunflower seeds and other seeds, shellfish, watermelon and more. If I develop many more allergies, I'll never be able to eat!

How did you go about getting Chica certified?
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