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So Spacely has been with us for nearly a month now and is settling in nicely. I am, by far, his chosen person. He gets all kinds of excited when I put shoes on since he knows I am going somewhere and he feels I should take him.

Today, I had to go out and he was dancing around. He must have known I was not taking him because he gave a pitiful "Take me, take me!" cry. My husband laughed at him and said "Don't let him guilt you into taking him, he will be fine."

In the past few days, Spacely has started to play. He began with his wee braided bully stick, tossing it in the air, play bowing to it and growling at it, then snatching it up to do a victory lap around the downstairs with it.

Yesterday, he wanted me to chase him in the backyard, like he has seen me do with my other dog, and then I let him chase me.

Today, he was on the bed, rolled over and waving his paws at me while I was acting like I was going to grab his face (all very gentle, not nearly as rough as it sounds). He wiggled and would grab at my hand if I stopped, tail wagging.

He will only do this with me though. Anyone else attempts to play and he tucks his tail and hides. I think he will come around but it is nice to see him playing and having fun.
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