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sewing patterns?

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ive just got a new sewing machine and am desperate to start making t shirts for elmo and roo roo but cant find any patterns!! does anybody know of any free downloads?? or anywhere i can buy patterns?
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I have pmd you.
I would like to have details of any patterns too. Could you send them to me too? Thanks!
id be really greatful if you could send them me as well please Sully's mum...
I would love to make clothes for my Peanut. Could you please send me any pattern or anything to help. THANKS MICHELLE
May I have a copy of the pattern also? My King is so small that the xs outfits are way too big for him.
Thank you
Tammy, King Tut's human mommy
Sorry to sound like a ditto..but could you also send me any patterns that you have??? I have been making my own chi clothes that I steal ideas from the clothes in the store. Needless to say, the clothes dont turn out too well :lol:
Sorry they are not online patterns.
I want patterns, too.. or an idea of where to get them, LOL.
hello i was told about this site it has some patterns i havent' tried any but they seem realy easy hope that helps and if you find any other patterns please let me know someone told me you can find them at walmart but i haven't yet
The link above does offer a couple of patterns - a vest/coat pattern, that could be adapted as a shirt, and a dress pattern. Once you have a couple of basic patterns, you can add different trims, etc., to change them up for different outfits. I'm going to make a couple of outfits for my chi next week and will post pictures when they are done. -Lynn
do you share these patterns, if so please send me any. Thanks
I have been working on patterns for Chi's for my etsy store this past week. I was getting frustrated at not being able to find clothes that fit my fairly small Chi at the store. I couldn't find patterns for the type of clothes I wanted either or at least not in the size I needed. I have drafted all of them, but I still have to try them all out to make sure I got the sizes and instructions right. I will finish them soon, but I've been preoccupied with drafting a pattern and making a Chi carrier for my daughter. I'm making it out of recycled denim which is a little harder because it's not always easy to deconstruct a pair of jeans to make useful fabric.

There is an store that sells really cute patterns for small dogs. I liked all of her things, but I want some styles that she doesn't have. I can't remember the store name, but I'm sure it would be easy to find.
i want to learn to sew and will hopefully get a lesson from my neighbor soon. I never wanted to learn until i got my leila and now i want to make clothes for her and maybe...a bag to carry her in. I just don't know if i can do it.
But i love crafting and enjoy making stuff. Sewing will be a new thing for me though.
I just got a new sewing machine yesterday and going for a lesson tomorrow on how to use all the functions I got a dress pattern off another post on here a week or so ago can't rememebr where but I have cut out the pattern and am going to attemt to create what it shows in the pics lol I also found an easy pattern for a dog bed

link for the bed

link for the dress
I know I have come across some downloadable patterns somewhere. I'll see if I can find them.

Me too, please. I am really ready to get started making clothes for my Sophia. Blankets, coats, just about anything. Thanks. Gamma, Sophias Mom.
Can I have the pattern too PLEASEEEEEE !!
:cool::DHere are a few websites I have found that may have what you are looking for. Hope this will help. I am gonna try them out. Will post and let you know. Blessings.
Pattern Copyrights... Please respect the work that went into the patterns listed on this website. Each pattern is listed with it's copyright. DO NOT copy, print, or post these patterns as your own. Please give credit where it is due.
Poochy Patterns
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