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hey ~LS~ long time :p
yeah we want to mve to canada some day when we qualified and can afford it you know. would love to see shadow in the snow properly. she' out fluffy princess now that she washed. she has a thing bout rolling in bird poo. lol

-edel & mitch

Yes too long! You girls need to stop by more often. :love2:
I can't believe you are thinking of moving to Canada,
you are living in my hubby's paradise. He's Irish, and
really wishes to live there one day. Everything about
Ireland is heaven to him. I love it too, but have never
been. Hopefully one day I could at least visit.

Shadow is super pretty, she has a gorgeous coat, a
little bit of bird poop doesn't take away from her beauty! ;)

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Thankyou ls shes a rouge I swear. Oh tats awesome tat hes irish.vwhat part of ireland is he from? Personally hate it here. :-( but love it at the same time. Wen did u get ur little bella
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