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shaking legs

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i've noticed that sometimes when zoey is sitting her front legs will shake. i don't know why that happens! does anyone else's chi's legs do that? her body doesn't shake unless she's cold.... but it seems like her front legs will shake for no reason! :shock:
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Hmmm...I haven't noticed that in Bosco so I'm not sure what that means? Let us know if you find out; I'm curious! It only does that when she is sitting?
yes, it only happens when she's sitting... and it isnt like violent shaking. but it's noticeable.

also, she does it sometimes when she's excited. like when i say "zoey, stay!" she anticipates running to me so she shakes sometimes. but i dont know why she'd do it any other time.
Huh :scratch: thats strange. Kiwi doesn't do that, but may be the next time you visit your Vet ask him/her. let us know if find out anything.
I would ask the vet next time you are there. What I think is happening is something that happens in humans too....ever have it where you are sitting and if you put weight up on your toes you find your leg starting to shake? I dont know if I am explaining this good or not, but I know I do it all the time...if that is what is going on there is nothing to worry about, but definately bring it up next time you are at the vet.
angel, i think i know what you're describing.

i'm def gonna ask the vet about it when we go in.... the next time we go is when she's getting spayed (ahh i'm scared!!!) but hopefully she can check out zoey's legs and make sure there's nothing wrong!

she doesn't even do it often. just often enough for me to notice. :roll:
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