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Cooper and I were at Fetch today, trying on the vintage tees... anyway, I was in the mood to spend money and started looking around. I found a Conditioning Shampoo made by Cain & Able ( that's made of eucalyptus, lavender and citronella and it says it repels bugs and fleas. On top of everything, it smells REALLY good.

I thought I'd pass this along since I know a lot of people have been posting about their pets having itchy skin and problems with flea preventative meds. They make all kind of "spa" products, including soaps and other shampoos.

I've already bathed Cooper since we came home (he doesn't wear flea preventative because he has bad reactions) and he smells lovely and his coat is nice and soft. I haven't seen any fleas or bugs running for their lives but he didn't have any to begin with. :D
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