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she did it!!

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Alrighty so, Butterfly is here for the weekend (maybe even all next week!) and my brother Joe and his b/f left for Bingo at 4PM so that meant I would get to watch Butterfly.

Anyways, it was less 30 minutes ago and she was on the couch with me and I was eating and she BARKED!!

it was sooo cute and sooooo funny to hear her 6 weeks..she finally spoke! :lol: Than, Britney jumped on the couch and she barked at Britney twice!! :lol:

It was a riot..I immediately text messaged my brother :D
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LOL isnt funny how excited we can get over these things...its like a babies first word.
I remember when all three of my chi's barked for the first time...Tequila waited until she was almost 16wks old and she did it when she was playing with my brothers mini dachshund...they are the same age and Ambrose was getting the better of Tequila...then out of no where she barked at him...I think she scared herself when she did
Same with Ginger...when she first barked she "did that come out of me"
Kylie barked a couple days after I got her...she decided she was mad at me for locking her up in her crate (after her knee surgery) and barked at
Its like a babys first words! how cute! shes a doll!
LOL! Isn't it so funny the first time they bark? It is so nice to be a member here where everyone appreciates their dogs so much ;)
That's amazing Auggie didn't bark until he was about 4 months old :lol:
isn't it cute those squaky little barks :D .....i wish vienna would stop :D she's making me nuts

kisses nat
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