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she has a name!

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My new Chi is named! We stuck with the "Liberty Belle" and call her "Libby" for short. I think it was the favorite of this site. Thanks for the input :wink:

2chi's :wave:
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is this liberty belle from lori's litter???? i love that name !!

kisses nat
liberty belle

no, I got Liberty Belle from Sherwood, AR. I tried to attach pictures of my babies according to the directions in the picture categories, it wouldn't go thru. Kept saying I was "forbidden", what ever that means. I did register to join this forum.???? I will be canceling my internet service this week, so I don't have much time to do this. :?
awwww :( well looking forward to meeting her and hearing all of your wonderful adventures with her... :D

:wave: Hi Libby!
welcome to the site, and I'm sorry to hear you're leaving so soon. I'm from Arkansas as well--Conway area to be exact.


Torie, Binki, and Crys aka "Mommy"
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