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She hit her head

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Hi everyone :wave:

Well, I've had Maggie for 4 days now and she's doing great! She did the zoomies for the first time yesterday, and I think she got a little over excited cuz she ran right into the wall!! :shock: I freaked out cuz I didn't want her to be hurt, but she just looked at me and went right back to play (no more zoomies for that day though). I was just wondering if she could have hurt or damaged her molera in any way? She seems perfectly fine, she's playful, alert.... Could the fact that she hit her molera affect her at a later time?? I'm just so worried that something could happen to her.... I love her so much already :D
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I'm not a vet of course but from what the way it sounds, I'm sure she's just fine. Angel has done that a few times herself, yelps more out of surprise than pain, then goes on as if nothing ever happened. ;) I would only worry if she was acting different and/or vomitting.
Sounds like she is OK I wouldn't worry unless you notice a difference. They are worrisome lil babies.
My Teddy has done that a few times also. It sounds awfull when they do it too! :shock: His head must be hard as a rock....he just gets up and keeps on "Zoooming" :)

When Cooper was about 4 months old, I was carrying him and walking across a parking lot. Cooper was already angry that I wasn't letting him walk (he's always been extremely independent) so he was struggling a little bit.
We were almost to the car when he literally RAN up my chest, over my shoulder and did a swan dive onto the pavement. I still get chills when I think about it.
I'm 6 feet tall, so he fell about 5 1/2 feet and landed directly on his head. Of course, I started doing this dance, jumping all around and trying not to scream like a crazy person. Cooper never missed a beat - he jumped up, shook his head around a bit and started running to the car like nothing happened.
I took him to the vet, he was fine and I was a complete mess. I think the fall did some good though; he's the smartest dog I've ever met. Maybe the pavement knocked sense into him.
I have always let him walk out of stores since then.
Glad your pup is okay - just remember they're pretty resiliant when they're puppies, too.
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