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'SHE' needs a name

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I'm getting sick of saying she. She deserves much better then to be called just she and puppy. I'm having a hard time naming her though.. usually it's so easy for me. I have a collie name Lassie lol.. I also have cats: Lola, Gingle, Lucy, Molly and umm himalayan cat. lol I would appreciate any suggestions! Also.. she looks black indoors but outside in the sun she's a very dark brown. She also has two white spots on her back toes. She's so loving.. I couldn't ask for better. I was thinking of Penny.. I think I like that best but not sure.. I also like Paris, Roxy and Porsha but it seems all common for names esp chi's. Well, here is a pic.. Hope this helps!

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'She' is gorgeous. I like the name poppy, and it sounds like puppy, which i think you've been calling her. I also like - Fifi, Izzie, Lottie, Maddie (Madison).
For a 'black' name -how about ebony. And 'brown' - Bear, Coco, Sienna, Truffles, Tia-Maria, Toasty (I like that one!!)

Don't rush and make sure you like the name.

m x
Hershey, Java, Brownie, I agree dont rush, it will click when you hear the right name. :D
aww shes such a cutie, i really like penny for her too, its a very sweet name :D
I like the name Penny aswell, vey cute! :D
The first name that came to me is Maria! She looks like a Maria! Or, how about Roxy Maria!! :)
I FINALLY picked out a name.. although I love all the suggestions! :) Her name is... *drums rolls* ... DOLLY!! She loves to dress up, shes like a little barbie but a little doll to take everywhere.. plus I have a son so this is a girl heh..Penny came to a close second!
I like it!!!! Very cute name for a very cute pup. Congrats!!!!

MammaDog said:
I like it!!!! Very cute name for a very cute pup. Congrats!!!!

Thank you :)
awww penny its a really sweet name :flower:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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