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Gadget is shedding really bad on his neck and chest? I called the vet and they said it wasn't normal... What could this be from? It started shortly after he got his llast shot and heartwarm pill....

Please help
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I dont know why unless he is bald there - Kemo got very very thin/bald the first time he shed and I was worried too - turned out to be nothing but seasonal. I think he may be starting too now, I am seeing more hair in his bed.
It could be an allergy or mange? Are you getting him scraped to see?
It is normal for a long coat puppy to blow his coat. What is happening is that he is loosing his baby coat and his adult coat is coming in. Long coat chis look kinda funny when this happens, they look almost like a smooth coat Chi with fuzzy ears. Dont be worried Dori, unless he skin is red and irritated :D
his skin is like a light whiteish pink. just like when he was little.. it hasn't changed. He doesn't seems irritated by it at all... it just seems like it is going bald and he has a little peach fuss there. we are going to watch it for a few more days to see if it does anything. He goes back tot he vet on the 29th. If he has any changes before then I am taking him in to the doc.

here's a picture. maybe you can tell me if this is normal. It turned out more pink then his actually skin color is.
From that picture it looks normal, have your vet check it when he goes though.
that is a releif. :D He doesn't seem to be bothered by it... and I haven't seen any more hair gone... His back looks thinner to. I have noticed that everything has Gadgets hair on it... I have to wash his blankets more because they are more hair than blanket.. hehehhe :D
Wow! That happened to Callie too at about that age. She is a longcoat too and I didn't know that was normal. Maybe the vet didn't either. :oops: When I took her in, he prescribed Omega 3 fatty acid oil. I still put it on her food once a day. It really helped her coat a lot!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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